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Genstatic, my first sip of coffee

by Pascal Opitz on March 6, 06:16

Having to spend more time at home means I can try out things. I know I'm late to the party, but I really wanted to have a go at using coffeescript. Sceptical at first, I really got to like it and quickly threw together a little static site generator: Genstatic.

Express.js Route Middleware

by Pascal Opitz on January 18, 09:12

I have just read the about the Route Middleware of express.js, and it already helped me to get rid of about 100 lines of code.

buggy behaviour of parent:: in PHP 5.3.3

by Matthias Willerich on December 18, 18:26

upgrade PHP (or be very careful!) when using parent:: in combination with the __call and __callStatic magic methods, you might expect it to work differently.

merry xmas everyone v0.2

by Pascal Opitz on December 8, 14:04

Before the year will come to an end and we're all off to stuff ourselves with chocolate, I just wanted to wish everyone a merry merry christmas.

jQuery clickable percentage bars

by Pascal Opitz on December 3, 11:50

Just a little script I have been coding up to deal with input fields that represent a percentage value. See the demo or get the code on github. Enjoy.

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