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You might have noticed: There are some ads now.

by Pascal Opitz on April 13 2007, 12:50

I kept trying to avoid them, but in the end of the day I cannot see why bandwidth gets burned up without any cost return. And everyone else does seem to do it.

I hope your eyes are not massively insulted. If you have any better ideas then this, please let me know.

Now we just need some new articles to go along with it, in order to really raise some money for the poor server monkeys of CwS!


  • If all the cool kids used HTML Email, would you? ;)

    I’m not digging the green border there, and the lower right hand side is just about the least likely place that it will actually get clicked.

    I recommend on of those tiny ones right after your content and before your comments.

    I also recommend you use CrazyEgg to get a baseline of where people are already clicking and then experiment with layouts to see what gets the most clicks. (I’m one of the 2 CrazyEgg developers)

    by Thomas Aylott on April 14 2007, 07:56 - #

  • Try

    by Josh on April 15 2007, 18:32 - #

  • Would love to give feedback on the ads, but Adblock is blocking them :)

    by Matt Lindop on April 16 2007, 05:47 - #

  • Ads? What ads. Oh yeah, that’ right. I’m running AdBlock as well.

    I’ve always wondered, how much money could a site like th is possibly make on ads? I just find it hard to believe that many people are going to voluntarily inerrupt their browsing and view some product or whatever. It is just so foreign to me. I’ve spent all my life trying to filter ads out (now nearly perfected with Adbock Plus). The last thing I’m going to do is CLICK on them. :-)

    Well, good luck with them anyway.

    by Matthew on April 20 2007, 20:51 - #

  • Matthew, that’s all fair enough. We’re about to find out how much money that will generate, I suspect iot to be a very low amout, but maybe it covers the cost for the traffic, and then I’m sorted for this at least.

    I myself hardly ever click on ads, ad I think it’s up to everyone to make up their own minds. Some people might argue that, if noone ever clicked on ads, a lot of technical resources would be gone.

    As for myself, I am happy that people still browse the website rather than staring to scream “The layout is broken!”

    by Pascal Opitz on April 23 2007, 05:04 - #

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