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Wine, Photoshop & "save for web"

by Pascal Opitz on February 5 2007, 08:25

Tom did find out about this one for me:
The trick is to execute Photoshop with quotes around the path and backslashes in it.

Via winehq

Save for Web works with:
wine "c:\program files\adobe\Photoshop 7.0\Photoshop.exe"

Save for Web WILL NOT work with:
wine "c:/program files/adobe/Photoshop 7.0/Photoshop.exe"



    Apparently most of the people using Photoshop on Linux do not use the Save For Web feature. I couldn’t find mention of this problem anywhere. Everything else works so I wonder what the deal is?

    Without this plugin, I pretty much have no use for Photoshop. The GIMP does everything else (for the most part).

    by Jason Simanek on January 14 2008, 17:48 - #

  • Thanks a ton, Tom ;)

    Now I can finally use CS2 (which has the same issue) on my linux box!

    by Pierre on May 27 2008, 15:37 - #

  • thank you, that's great :D i have done it on CS (8.0).

    by Pawel on December 28 2008, 00:19 - #

  • Using Gimp on Linux is much better than having to rely on Wine thing which was extremely buggy on my installation of Ubuntu. There is a tweaked Gimp which has been adapted to look and feel like PhotoShop and contains the Save For Web feature also. A general point on Gimp is that it is a pretty darn powerful image editor and worth spending some time with if you are working on Linux all the time.

    by Jason Grant on April 9 2009, 15:41 - #

  • Thanks you very very much!!! (>^-^)>

    by ZequeZ on September 2 2009, 02:33 - #

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