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Spotify now in the news

by Pascal Opitz on January 29 2009, 14:20

One of my favourite apps lately, Spotify has now reached the technology news section of the Guardian

To me this doesn't come as such a big surprise, since I have been raving about it ever since I got myself a cheeky login without invitation code, something that a google search will reveal If you can't get the latter.

It's no often that I do big up an application, but spotify seems to do everything right that other music players didn't quite achieve. For example, I really liked, but I always wanted to be able to search for a track and then play the album.

Even more amazing that it does get things right that I didn't even ask for. Already my listening behaviour has changed, because I started to use Spotify's direct URLs and collaborative play lists. Let's just wait an see what else is coming in terms of nifty integration.

Also let's hope that they don't screw it up big time. Already they had to remove some tracks, and the potential to bomb the application with adverts until everyone tunes out is huge. If they get it right it might be as much of an important app like the iplayer or hulu.


  • I've still got 5 invites left; First come, first serve, just drop a comment with a valid email here.

    by Matthias Willerich on January 29 2009, 14:52 - #

  • Well worth it, it's a great app.

    by Paul B on January 31 2009, 18:58 - #

  • give me invites :D

    by PD on January 30 2010, 23:58 - #

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