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Spam and some other things ...

by Pascal Opitz on August 25 2006, 07:10

Sadly we lately have to deal with unpleasant things. One is the comment spam, that actually is getting worse and worse. But since Mike did write his latest article with a bit of a tabloid title we have to deal with some other things as well …

Which are insults. A bit disappointing for me, really, since I invest spare time and money in this project without asking for anything in return. I think that we already successfully sparked some interesting discussions with our articles, and to drop a line like “You are loosers” or something similar just doesn’t do us right I think.

Please note that we moderate the comments. Every single one will be reviewed, and no insult or spam be switched visible. The same goes for really off-topic comments, that we will answer in an email though.

So much for our comments and our problems with them.

On the other side of things we had nearly 30.000 unique visitors a month, our traffic (and that is text data mostly) ate up about 4.84 Gigabytes. A massive 284604 page impressions have been logged and all together that adds up to more than 900000 hits.

That is a big success for us and we are happy that the site is well percieved. Hopefully we will come up with some more articles in the near future, but again a quick reminder: This website is done in our spare time, and we can only write when we have spare time.

If you think you have an idea for an article then feel free to send us a draft. We would welcome more writing on here.


  • Keep up the good work and don’t let these idiots stop you from publishing great articles!

    by Rik Lomas on June 1 2006, 09:36 - #

  • Cheers for that Rik!

    by Pascal Opitz on June 1 2006, 10:26 - #

  • Likewise – many thanks Rik. It’s really good to hear that.

    by Mike Stenhouse on June 1 2006, 11:33 - #

  • This is why the bliki I’m coding for myself won’t have any comments. Until the digitial identity protocols implemented more, we’re still held captive to the greater internet fuckwad theory

    by Joseph Anthony Pasquale Holsten on June 13 2006, 12:29 - #

  • You should try BadBehavior. It blocks Spam for sure by analyzing the headers, not the content. Works for me and blocks 100 percent of the crap out there.

    by Thomas on August 18 2006, 02:11 - #

  • Cheers Thomas, we might give that a go.

    by Pascal Opitz on August 18 2006, 06:37 - #

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