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by Matthias Willerich on November 11 2010, 08:33

Earlier this week I read this gossip about Quora mass-installing twitter accounts, and they responded by saying that "Quora is looking at using Twitter as an alternative for topic RSS feeds". Hmmmm, interesting. Can we try that, too?


Let's ignore the mass-account spamming for now, as people said in the techcrunch comments, one could use lists or hashtags and such. We're already on twitter, and have the blog already hooked up (twice!), but now I'd like to utilize twitter further:

  • Every reply to a CwS generated tweet should be treated similar to a comment
  • Every retweet of a CwS generated tweet should be treated similar to a pingback or trackback

Now, we don't show pingbacks/trackbacks anyway, and I doubt we will show RTs publicly in detail, but it'd be nice to see them in some shape or form, maybe as the well-known "Retweeted 63412363 times".

But pulling the replies into the conversation, that might be something. It short, and might take away a bit from the linearity of a single comments stream, but that doesn't mean it's lesser content. Actually, if you want your voice to be heard as a commenter, twitter is a much better platform than most sites could ever be.

Again, this is building on top of something we have already integrated in part. On your right to this article on our site you can see the "elsewhere" feed, which is our joint bookmark feed from Wouldn't it be nice if we added ourselves to it (yes yes, and filter it back out on the site, because you don't need to see it twice), so it comes up on once we publish a post, rather than wait until you or our other reader that uses decide to bookmark it? We could also suggest the tags ourselves, given that we've wanted to tag our posts on our list for the latter part of this decade!


In the end this is a tech blog, though, so you should expect to see code examples, demo projects etc. In fact, Pascal has littered several posts this year with links to his code on github.

Why not create gists out of all useful example code that we write about? And why not show the activity of those gists and repositories back here? There's already several WordPress plug-ins for this stuff out there, so bringing it home shouldn't be too hard.

Time machines

Because it's real actual work, and we have other obligations in our lives, that's why. So, instead of half doing something and never releasing it (see tagging, integration), or announcing something that doesn't have a follow-up, I thought that, for a change, I'll share my thoughts first, not promise anything, and then we'll see. If you are fired up by it, let me know how it went for you in the comments. Or, hey, just reply to the tweet.


  • Wow, that's SO exciting!

    by Matthias Willerich on November 15 2010, 07:30 - #

  • First I'd need to read an article entitled: Github for dummies who can barely code and fear the command line.

    by hippohippo on November 18 2010, 14:16 - #

  • Crazy thought, putting the pieces together: Unifying a "social"-graph of what is Content with Style:
    - tweeting the links we post to delicious
    - using the twitter timeline as base for rss (of course still providing full content for our articles)

    by Matthias Willerich on November 21 2010, 13:27 - #

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