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Over CSS systems for writing maintainable CSS

by Pascal Opitz on October 1 2008, 11:44

Very very good slides for download at , and a nice discussion in the comments as well.

Interestingly Natalie Downe argues against CSS frameworks as such, but for a structured and reusable approach. Myself, I have never utilized a CSS framework, and apart from a little toolset for clearfix and inline-block I write every CSS for a site from scratch.

I like the fact that she takes version control into consideration when she chooses against multiple rule statements in one line, which is something that I have to argue again and again …


  • I have seen this and have mixed opinions about it. It makes sense on some levels and doesn\'t on some other levels. It\'s true that there needs to be a structured and automated approach for CSS development to keep simple, clean and lean for optimal performance.

    by Jason Grant on April 9 2009, 15:37 #