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Offtime, moving and some changes

by Pascal Opitz on April 25 2006, 11:41

Ok, some might have noticed that this site was offline for a couple of days. That is because our previous host,, didn’t like the site on a reseller hosting as it was causing a bit of load. So they decided to move it to a slow dedicated server and give us a very short period of time to change to another hosting plan or be switched off, and on top of that they managed to fuck up the site and all of our email during this stunt.

So I decided to get a cheap dedicated solution. After a quick google I wanted to go with and get a virtual dedicated server. I submitted the order and then I didn’t hear from ‘em for a long long time. That long, in fact, that I cancelled the contract with them before it even started.

I used google again, this time I looked for service and good reviews.
Now we’re with ServInt. They managed to get a server up in less than half a day, and I must say this rocks.

I used this occasion to change a couple of things on the site:

  • The pretty meaningless categories got binned
  • A blog section has been opened
  • The homepage welcome will be a blog entry

Let me know how U like these changes and expect us to be a bit more active in here, even if it might be no article but just a small blog entry.


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