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Net neutrality rant

by Pascal Opitz on June 19 2008, 12:07

So I’m reading the guardian technology section today, and a rant about how net neutrality seemingly incapacitates the internet by making it possible for content providers like youtube to eat up the whole bandwidth.

Makes me wonder how much the author considered that net neutrality also ensures that the little mans blog site gets the same priority as any other company big wig paid download service?

While he’s calling for more regulation to “free up the pipes”, I also wonder how often he has been annoyed with blocked ports to services like SMTP, to force you using the ISPs SMTP server.

And while some ports might indicate a certain type of service, and therefore be blocked, you might have recently put your servers’ ssh access on there.

Come on, the most likely scenario here is that you get Youtube and Ebay with perfect speed, and that the Itunes shop works like a charm, but independent small businesses will have to pay extra to be able to run a web shop, just to fall into the priority band.
And the next thing you know is that any private website will dribble with 5k per second, you cannot access any port other than 80 and 225, and you’d better forget about using any open source VOIP software but skype …

... Now that’s better!


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