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by Pascal Opitz on June 5 2006, 03:56

This is an extension to javascript that will be compiled into javascript afterwards, and helps you to write readable code by introducing the “blocking” operator (notated as ’->’).

It turns out that the blocking operator gets translated into javascript that heavily uses so called continuation passing style. This principle allows you to keep the context of callbacks by gathering the context data and writing the exectution into a callstack.

Quite an interesting concept that is and for sure the only compiled javascript aplication I ever heard of. Definitely will have a deeper look at this soon.


  • Thanks for the mention. Be sure to drop me an email and let me know how it goes—I’m looking for feedback of any kind.

    by Neil Mix on June 5 2006, 19:29 - #

  • More than welcome … if I ever get my head out of the shitty project work I will check it out as soon as I can … Sadly there is no light on the end of the tunnel for the next week or so.

    by Pascal Opitz on June 6 2006, 03:46 - #

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