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MVC explanations - I love mailing lists

by Pascal Opitz on December 21 2007, 06:07

I came across this very elaborate explanation of MVC in a python mailing list.
Just want to take this as an occasion to say thank you to all people that take time to explain things in mailing lists.


  • Well, it would have been great if more content would have been in this very blog instead of linking just to the original blog, don’t you think so?

    just a suggestion mate…

    by Welcome to Paradise on January 4 2008, 11:02 - #

  • More content sure would be nice, but we’re in the process of planning the next, improved CwS.
    Also it would be great if people stopped plugging some of their websites into comments, to up the ranking for i.e. a travel company website, so I don’t have to use rel=”nofollow” and comment reviews, don’t you think, mate?

    by Pascal Opitz on January 4 2008, 12:13 - #

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