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Meebo firefox extension

by Pascal Opitz on October 24 2007, 05:27

Since I’m a great fan of meebo and consider it one of the best examples for an AJAX application, I am pretty thrilled to see the meebo Firefox extension .

It adds popup alerts, i.e. for incoming messages, and a neat sidebar that shows the contact list. Well done, meebo!


  • I love Firefox and meebo is dangerously addictive, and now that I have acquired the Firefox extension the possibility of getting any actual work done is looking grim. Thanks for promoting distraction.

    by william on October 25 2007, 04:15 - #

  • For me it’s the opposite. IM is quote a useful tool in my daily work life, as it’s a good representation of what I call my “knowledge network”, people that I worked with and that I consult if I have questions. For me “developers community” has an actual meaning, and IM makes it possible.

    by Pascal Opitz on October 25 2007, 18:00 - #

  • Hi I have installed Meebo Firefox extension, but i don’t get pop ups for incoming messages etc. Can anyone tell me how i can make it work?

    by Pearl on January 28 2008, 17:43 - #

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