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IE7 and its problems

by Pascal Opitz on June 1 2006, 09:24

As Mike was busy doing this already on his blog I quickly debugged our site for the public IE7 beta 2 that came out today.

Like Mike pointed out correctly, most problems are gone once you updated the clearfix hack for IE7.

This is done by creating a file that contains

    zoom: 1;

and include it with conditional comments for IE

<!--[if gte IE 6]>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" 
href="../css/ie_standard.css" />

I spent about 45 minutes to walk through a couple of old project websites and this pretty much always did the trick. The only exceptions I came accross were when the star html bug was used to filter out IE, i.e. on this website the backgrouds for the rounded corners did not get loaded, and I had to add in a couple of lines to tackle this behaviour.

So for the future I would recommend to use conditional comments straight away where possible.


  • Yeah, it’s really not all that bad is it? It’s a hassle but not the killer many people were expecting. I’m not a big fan of conditional comments because they separate my rules but I can live with ‘em…

    by Mike Stenhouse on April 25 2006, 14:13 - #

  • I wouldn’t use gte IE6, but probably target IE7 directly with if IE 7.

    This way you won’t have to update your site again when the next version comes along as it may partly fix the issues your CCing for.

    by Sander on April 26 2006, 10:26 - #

  • Sander: That doesn’t make any difference, does it? Apart from the pre-asumption that IE 8 fixes behaviour that still is unsupported or faulty in IE, i.e. :after
    But even then, zoom:1 will not hurt and just be ignored, no? If you target IE7 only there is the chance that it breaks with version 8. But then again we’ll have to revise loads of code when 8 comes out anyway …

    by Pascal Opitz on April 26 2006, 10:39 - #


    Edit: Bob pointed out that a title “IE7 and it’s problems” is a bit rubbish. I think he’s right and therefore corrected my mistake.

    by Bob on May 1 2006, 19:58 - #

  • Bob, shame on me, you’re right. After all those years in UK I am still struggling. Zeee Germanzzz …

    by Pascal Opitz on May 2 2006, 00:59 - #

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