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Hello there, and congratulations ...

by Pascal Opitz on December 2 2008, 23:23

The last week was full of events for two of us. While Matthias has just started the most amazing start-up one can think of, I went past my use-by date to hit the magic number: 30.

And in order to avoid the struggle with loads of guests at some weird party that makes me wanna be 18 again, I tried to escape by going to Big Apple and celebrate thanksgiving with a 19 lbs turkey.

I felt a bit drowsy thereafter, and couldn't get myself to write anything ... Matthias sure had better reasons not to write anything, but somehow he managed. I hope he's got some sleep, finally. In any case, forgive us dear reader. We'll be on the case again soon.


  • I am such an entrepreneur, ain't I? She's been behaving well for 2 nights in a row now (where "well" means "only 2 breaks", but that's ok), and as the days are generally not so much the problem, I did indeed find some time. Only took 3 days to publish it :-D

    by Matthias Willerich on December 3 2008, 09:42 - #

  • OH! And Happy Birthday to you, now delayed and not 1 day early!

    by Matthias Willerich on December 3 2008, 09:59 - #

  • Thank you, Sir.

    by Pascal Opitz on December 3 2008, 14:01 - #

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