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CwS 2006 - a little summary

by Pascal Opitz on November 30 2006, 07:46

With 2006 nearly over it’s time for a little look back on what happened with CwS throughout the year.

2006 came with some major difficulties and changes for us.

We were offline for ages, being kicked out of our shared hosting platform and had to sort out some hosting solution that wouldn’t cause the same trouble again.

A bit on the negative side as well is our article output, which is just two articles throughout the whole year.

We had a mad increase of spam being dropped in our comments, and a couple of insults came up as well.

Plus, we got rid of the Events section because we realized it was to much to manage in a way that wouldn’t come across as half-hearted.

On the other hand it wasn’t all just negative.

We did successfully introduce the Blog section, where we published quite a lot of things, from general things to little code snippets, and sparked some interesting discussions as well.

We received quite a lot of attention, i.e. Mike being asked to predict the future in .Net magazine.

Our stats look good, really. With around 20k unique visitors each month and something like 3 million page impressions throughout this year we’re quite pleased to have that many readers.

And last but not least, some people dropped some nice comments and made us feel like we contributed something.

As a little outlook for 2007 I cannot really offer anything more than some of the things we’d fancy to do, if we ever find the time to tackle them:

We’d like to do a redesign and relaunch
We’d like to write some proper articles
We’d like to have others writing some articles for us

So there’s just one more thing to do then:
We wish you a great rest of 2006 and a good start into 2007. Enjoy the holidays and a happy new year, or, as the Germans say “Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch”!


  • Ebenso!

    by tobs on November 30 2006, 12:08 - #

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