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Be box and iplayer = crash?

by Pascal Opitz on November 3 2008, 22:28

I thought I was going mad: Everytime I watched some iplayer content, my wireless dropped out and it looked like the router reset itself.

Then, last time I tried it was all fine, and I kind of forgot about it. But a post on the Guardians "Ask Jack" blog about trouble with wireless remined me of my troubles. Curiosity prompted me to look in the be forums now, and I found a BBC article on it, that a) tells me I'm not crazy and b) they fixed it. YAY!


  • And here we go again, another problem with Be and the Be DNS servers. That I have to telnet into a the router in order to reset the DNS servers is a first timer, though

    by Pascal Opitz on November 4 2008, 21:59 - #

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