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A new style for our content

by Pascal Opitz on October 26 2008, 18:02

We've announced it a couple of times, and here we are: A new face for Content with Style is live.

So we're happy to say that we didn't lie, we've just been slow. Forgive us if the whole thing doesn't work perfectly from the start, but let us know what's broken and you'll help us to fix it quicker. Thanks for your patience.


  • I forgot to mention that I'm mighty proud of this release, really!

    by Pascal Opitz on October 27 2008, 00:10 - #

  • Nice. Very clean. Like the shades of green orange and red you have used! If I can make one quick suggestion: perhaps increase the line height a bit, say to 1.6?

    by Anup on October 27 2008, 02:30 - #

  • As Pascal, I'm also very happy to see this live. I'm sure we'll have a nice post about how we done it and who was involved at some point (ideally when all bugs are squashed), but if you bother looking you'll find we've not only done a new paint job, but also changed everything under the hood as well.
    We moved from PHP4 to 5 and from an ancient textpattern to a Pascal-Opitz-homebrew Zend Framework app.
    There are some more changes planned, for which the ground work is now done, but as Pascal mentioned above, sometimes you have to be patient with us.

    I hope our readership likes it; if you've been lurking for a while, now is the time to say hello and let us know how you feel about the new look.

    All the best, Matthias

    by Matthias Willerich on October 27 2008, 11:57 - #

  • I like the style but what about the content, in particular your excellent CSS Framework. I've just re-factored my project to use it and was in the process of spreading the word when I noticed it's gone! Thankfully google's cache came to the rescue.

    by ab on October 27 2008, 19:47 - #

  • ab, did you mean this css framework? No, this is still up there. In fact I did spend quite a while to write the data import, and all old articles should be there, as well as the proper 301 redirects. Admittingly we had some DNS trouble this very morning, but I hope this is resolved once and for all. So if anything that you expect to be there is missing, please let us know and we'll look into it. Cheers!

    by Pascal Opitz on October 27 2008, 21:07 - #

  • Looks great. Much better than the last version.

    by Binny V A on October 28 2008, 02:14 - #

  • Glad that you like it. The man who designed it is Alistair Holt. He's been absolutely brilliant to work with! Thanks Alistair.

    by Pascal Opitz on October 28 2008, 08:07 - #

  • Looks great! Good luck in the future!

    by Andi Studer on October 31 2008, 14:36 - #

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