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Setting up SSL for Nginx

by Pascal Opitz on September 30 2010, 19:56

Quite a kerfuffle trying to set up SSL encryption for, which runs on Nginx. Here is how it was done.

Zend_Client_Twitter with OAuth and a single access token

by Pascal Opitz on September 26 2010, 16:26

Just noticed that twitter switched their API to OAuth only, which broke our blog updates on twitter. Here's a hotfix to use the single access token provided by Twitter.

Buffalo NAS and iTunes - A weekend of nerding away

by Pascal Opitz on September 26 2010, 15:26

Thank you Apple, for messing up the compatibility between iTunes 10 and any NAS drive using firefly. You officially suck.

That said, there's no such thing as giving up, and here I am, coming up with an elaborate way to be able to listen to my music again.

Preparing the button element for sliding doors

by Pascal Opitz on September 15 2010, 14:20

A helpful little trick to get the FF button elements into a state where we can apply sliding doors. Via johannes krtek of