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Nodestalker - A beanstalkd client for node.js

by Pascal Opitz on May 14 2010, 12:31

Following my previous article about PHP and beanstalkd I was keen to use beanstalk in combination with node.js, but wasn't entirely satisfied with the available implementation. So as a little brain exercise I wrote nodestalker from scratch.

Google Web Optimiser being unbalanced

by Pascal Opitz on May 11 2010, 11:05

Node.js load balancer proof of concept

by Pascal Opitz on May 10 2010, 10:32

Down with a cold, the only bit I managed was a bit more experimenting with node.js this weekend. Here's a little example of node.js acting as a very basic load balancer with fault tolerance.

Long polling example with node.js

by Pascal Opitz on May 7 2010, 17:15

Here's a little long polling example that I have thrown together while playing around with node.js. I must say it's a pretty slick tool. Anyone familiar with JavaScript suddenly can create powerful server side applications.

Linkedin and Zend_Oauth

by Pascal Opitz on May 5 2010, 17:43

Matthias has made look into Linkedin and OAuth for a bit. This example was a very interesting read, but I think it's overcomplicating things slightly. That's why I want to show a very simple example inspired by what we've done for the brand new CwS Author pages.