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Spotify now in the news

by Pascal Opitz on January 29 2009, 14:20

One of my favorite apps lately, Spotify has now reached the technology news section of the Guardian

CwS blog posts now on twitter

by Pascal Opitz on January 29 2009, 08:00

Posts from our blog will now automatically pop up on Twitter.

Remove .AppleDouble folders on *NIX boxes

by Pascal Opitz on January 22 2009, 22:54

Quick note to myself on how to get rid of those silly .AppleDouble folders

Make sure firebug console debug doesn't break everything.

by Pascal Opitz on January 16 2009, 14:49

Maybe some of you have already had problems with leaving debug statements in JS code. A console.log() left in the deployed code can break the whole application, and it might only come up when someone without firebug is testing it at a later stage.

Looking forward, looking back

by Matthias Willerich on January 8 2009, 17:44

I just about make it for the yearly reviews with this post, I hope. For good measure I've thrown in our aspirations for 2009 in, too.

GET parameters and caching

by Pascal Opitz on January 7 2009, 16:55

Once you do care about caching and set expiry headers for static files in the far future, you'll have to make sure that crucial new functionality is not pulled from the cache. But a GET parameter is NOT the way to do this ....

XHTML Validation with the W3C validator and PHP

by Pascal Opitz on January 4 2009, 12:25

Amongst other changes, I am working on getting this blog over to use application/xhtml+xml as the content type. Of course this calls for a much stricter validation before content can be put live, otherwise users will be confronted with a broken page. The W3C validator and Zend_Http_Client make validation in PHP easy.

Conditional get in PHP - with some problems on the way

by Pascal Opitz on January 1 2009, 18:05

Happy new year everyone. If you're anything like me, the credit crunch doomsday news and the gross overeating of the past festivities make you want to slim down and become more resourceful. Using Caching, ETags and the 304 HTTP code can help to cut down on traffic. But working on a conditional get came with some problems ...