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DOMDocument loadXML throws errors: A bug?

by Pascal Opitz on April 22 2009, 17:37

So I was wondering why loadXML gives me parsing errors, despite a big try and catch around it ... it's not a bug they say.

Unit testing web service based models in Zend Framework

by Pascal Opitz on April 20 2009, 09:37

Web applications nowadays use an increasingly distributed set of resources. How do we test our MVC applications that use web services in their models?

4 ssh config tips for faster remote working

by Matthias Willerich on April 17 2009, 12:00

If your ssh experience was so far limited to typing your username and password lots of times, this post is for you.

A caching pattern for models

by Pascal Opitz on April 6 2009, 11:50

This is a caching pattern for models using Zend_Cache and the __call magic method.

Unit testing controllers with Zend Framework

by Pascal Opitz on April 2 2009, 14:47

Unit testing your Zend Framework driven MVC applications is not hard at all. This post tries to give a brief overview on how to test your Controllers with Zend_Test.