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Command line search and replace?

by Pascal Opitz on September 30 2008, 06:24

So I’m asking around for the best way to do search and replace in command line …

More background image fun

by Matthias Willerich on September 22 2008, 14:21

If you liked the running dude CSS tip that we mentioned the other day, you’ll love this CSS and jQuery based rollover animation.

Textmate search & reg exp

by Pascal Opitz on September 17 2008, 11:53

One of the nicest things about Textmate is the that you keep discovering things even after a year of using it. The project wide search and replace functionality already helped me, but I kept ignoring that little check box saying “Regular expression”.

CSS Background image on html image element?

by Pascal Opitz on September 15 2008, 07:01

My co-worker Paul showed how helpful it is to question the obvious: Can you apply a background image to an image?

Firefox 3 keeps logging me out. Not any more it's not.

by Matthias Willerich on September 1 2008, 09:51

Have you had cookie trouble since upgrading Firefox? This post might solve your woes.