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Why the relaunch?

by Pascal Opitz on October 28 2008, 07:03

Ok, as Matthias already said, I'd like to give an insight into what has changed in this relaunch, but above all I want to share what we're trying to achieve.

A new style for our content

by Pascal Opitz on October 26 2008, 18:02

We've announced it a couple of times, and here we are: A new face for Content with Style is live.

You've got new mail. 3500 actually.

by Matthias Willerich on October 21 2008, 13:48

A little overview of my mailing-list past, and what I can recommend from experience.

Friday fun: Sokoban

by Matthias Willerich on October 17 2008, 06:31

If you like pushing boxes around, physically or methaphorically, this is for you.

Remove the mac sync icon in Leopard

by Pascal Opitz on October 3 2008, 02:27

Lim Kien Hean describes the removal of the .mac sync icon from the OSX top bar as a small but important trick. I happen to agree! Thanks.

Over CSS systems for writing maintainable CSS

by Pascal Opitz on October 1 2008, 11:44

Very very good slides for download at , and a nice discussion in the comments as well.