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XSL: Recursive template for counting up

by Pascal Opitz on November 20 2008, 11:20

Thought I'd share this with you, even though it's nothing special: A simple XSL template that recursively increments a counter, so you can do a set number of operations.

Zend Framework: XSL and self-serializing Views

by Pascal Opitz on November 17 2008, 01:39

A long time ago I argued that MVC style frameworks should use XSL instead of inline PHP code and so on. That's why I knocked together a little proof of concept for Zend Framework where the views files are XSLs and the View object serializes itself into XML for rendering.

Be Box CLI and security issues

by Pascal Opitz on November 15 2008, 18:43

An interesting insight into the Be Box, and how much functionality is lurking behind the simple face is what I found here, stating that the box is a dressed down version of a Speedtouch 780WL, and therefore much more capable than the web interface suggests.

Reglib, an Event Delegation based Framework

by Pascal Opitz on November 14 2008, 22:50

Via the ajaxian I came across the new javascript based framework reglib, written by Gregory Reimer. It is based on some very clever thoughts and makes heavy use of Event Delegation.

Controller separation with ActionStack and Zend_Layout

by Pascal Opitz on November 6 2008, 22:47

Thinking about my past projects, I realized that previously my controllers where doing way too much that they shouldn't, and quickly the comments controller would update user content and so on. I had a good look at how I wanted to structure my code, and decided that the controllers only should do things that belong to them, but call other controllers if they needed stuff from them.

The credit crunch deja vu

by Pascal Opitz on November 5 2008, 10:25

Of course everyone follows the news about the financial sector crisis right now, and from a personal point of view I feel reminded about the time around 9/11. Back then many many agencies in Germany, where I am born and was doing my apprenticeship at the time, got hit hard and had to lay off people.

Be box and iplayer = crash?

by Pascal Opitz on November 3 2008, 22:28

I thought I was going mad: Everytime I watched some iplayer content, my wireless dropped out and it looked like the router reset itself.

JS custom events roundup

by Pascal Opitz on November 2 2008, 20:06

With independent UI components, that not always know about each other, custom events come in handy.

DNS clustering in WHM/Cpanel accounts

by Pascal Opitz on November 1 2008, 16:00

Dealing with multiple CPANEL/WHM installs, DNS clustering is a way to use redundant nameservers in order to keep your zones created by CPANEL/WHM in sync.

Random thoughts on: Cloud computing

by Pascal Opitz on November 1 2008, 15:14

Some thoughts, sparked by recently read articles that mentioned the buzz words "cloud computing".