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Merry Xmas everyone

by Pascal Opitz on December 19 2008, 13:21

A mass validation shellscript

by Pascal Opitz on December 14 2008, 19:45

I was looking for a CLI script that validates a whole site for me, but I couldn't find one that would work without installation issues. So I hacked together an example shell script that does the job for me by downloading the whole site and then running the files through a validation.

A quick look at XInclude and XLink

by Pascal Opitz on December 13 2008, 16:47

Part of my current project is to transform thousands of static XML files, all interlinked and some of them referencing others as data subset that I need for the transformation. Time to have a quick look at XInclude and XLink.

XSLT and HTML 5 problems

by Pascal Opitz on December 9 2008, 17:47

Sometimes I'm really getting annoyed about the lack of control that XSLT sometimes gives about what target formats are supported and what output it generates

Random thoughts on: SVG, JS toolkits and more

by Pascal Opitz on December 7 2008, 02:53

For various reasons I seem to do much more reading on new techniques and web stuff lately, and today brought up some for me fascinating finds that I wanted to share.

Onenaught on jQuery, testability and events

by Pascal Opitz on December 5 2008, 11:11

Looking at free charts and stats APIs

by Pascal Opitz on December 4 2008, 14:28

At the moment I am looking for a nice way to convert HTML tables into stats. I am thinking along the lines of SIFR, where flash replaces markup and displays dynamic data. But first I need something that displays dynamic stats ...

MySQL client output logging with tee

by Pascal Opitz on December 3 2008, 13:44

James, the sys admin guy here at Opta, where I am working at the moment, brought this up, and it is one of those neat tricks that can make life very easy but I still didn't know about.

Hello there, and congratulations ...

by Pascal Opitz on December 2 2008, 23:23

The last week was full of events for two of us. While Matthias has just started the most amazing start-up one can think of, I went past my use-by date to hit the magic number: 30.

Charles proxy review by

by Matthias Willerich on December 2 2008, 22:24

If you think that Firebug is the end-all of http monitoring, have a good look at Charles. Jonathan Snook wrote a nice review about it that I'd like to share with you.