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SSI trouble in parent directories

by Pascal Opitz on August 28 2008, 10:32

Sometimes it helps to read the manual, especially when one makes a really silly mistake.

JS and objects

by Pascal Opitz on August 28 2008, 10:22

Just a quick moment trying to explain the different approaches to using objects in JS to a fellow co-worker …

How to delete files when argument list is to long ...

by Pascal Opitz on August 12 2008, 11:42

I had trouble with deleting files, because a simple “rm -Rf *” would fail because the argument list was to long.

PHP Deployment With Capistrano

by Matthias Willerich on August 11 2008, 08:33

Giving my PHP Projects the Capistrano twist offers another safety net for errors. But is it worth going through the effort of setting all this up?