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Firebug can make life easier

by Pascal Opitz on June 28 2007, 11:06

Today I was pointed to a couple of handy functionalities in the Firebug plugin by Peter Mescalchin, who’s one of the UI developers I am currently working with.

How long have I been waiting for this?

by Pascal Opitz on June 5 2007, 17:48

It must be since I heard the word entity first. Check out this brilliant entity reference. Via ajaxian.

DOs and DONTs in XSLT

by Pascal Opitz on June 4 2007, 11:43

A nice little roundup of how to efficiently use XSLT can be found here

Hip hip, hooray

by Pascal Opitz on June 4 2007, 09:22

We did it. After more than one year we have a new article online.

I wrote Templates from Babel? being involved in the development of an XSL driven CMS for Redwire

Templates from Babel?

by Pascal Opitz on June 4 2007, 09:16

In this article Pascal Opitz discusses the current way of rendering templates used in most MVC style rapid development frameworks.