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301 redirect with mod_rewrite

by Pascal Opitz on April 25 2007, 09:10

So I changed my domain name from .de to .com. But wasn’t there something whereas Google would punish double-posted content with pagerank 0?

mod_deflate and IE6 bug

by Pascal Opitz on April 20 2007, 12:46

This one was very strange. IE 6.0.29 would randomly come up with white pages.

You might have noticed: There are some ads now.

by Pascal Opitz on April 13 2007, 12:50

I kept trying to avoid them, but in the end of the day I cannot see why bandwidth gets burned up without any cost return. And everyone else does seem to do it.

Swapping nodes in a DOM tree

by Pascal Opitz on April 12 2007, 09:34

I was quite surprised to find out that the insertBefore method actually does most of the job for you.

php: array_diff_assoc and the order of parameters

by Pascal Opitz on April 12 2007, 03:55

This took a while till I found out: They actually do matter! Even worse: The manual says so!!!! Just that I was to stupid to read it. Lesson learned. No more guessing, no more quick reading!

Blog section opened

by Pascal Opitz on April 7 2007, 06:53

Welcome to The new blog section on the CwS website.

generate PDF with XSL-FO and FOP

by Matthias Willerich on April 3 2007, 08:57

some quick tips about installing and configuring Apache FOP to create PDFs with embedded fonts in print resolution.