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IE Conditional comments in XSL

by Pascal Opitz on September 27 2006, 05:49

Just a small bit of code, but not obious at first glance …

PHP Script: Timeshift in Subtitle Files

by Pascal Opitz on September 16 2006, 10:30

Have you ever tried to watch a movie with a .srt file, and the subtitle was more or less out of time? You can use this little PHP script through commandline and fix it by providing an offset.

PHP and MP3s

by Pascal Opitz on September 11 2006, 08:12

While setting up a media server for the Netaudio Festival I had not only to set up a dedicated machine with samba shares, Webserver and Web based interface, but also to play around with mp3s and ID3 tags …

Register PHP functions in XSL

by Pascal Opitz on September 11 2006, 07:55

Working with PHP5 and the built-in XSLT processor I came accross the method registerPHPFunctions that lets you register PHP functions in XSL. Quite a neat feature. Wonder how much that slows the transformation down?

Hybrid Flash Developers: A unique species

by Matthias Willerich on September 5 2006, 11:56

Should we all strive to have a more general knowledge in our field of work?