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IE7 and how it changes the web

by Pascal Opitz on October 29 2006, 12:32

Simon Griffin from etre sent us a rather interesting email about some research they’ve done on IE7 …


by Pascal Opitz on October 20 2006, 07:53

Right, so I am applying disable-output-escaping="yes" on an xsl:text element containing some CDATA, but the output is still coming with escaped entities …

Find and Replace and some more VIM tuning

by Pascal Opitz on October 17 2006, 08:40

Awkward at first glance VIM has become my editor of choice.

Checking for object literals

by Pascal Opitz on October 3 2006, 07:46

Such a basic thing to do, but still, I didn’t have to do it until now: Checking if an object literal is defined.