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REST and some unknown verbs

by Pascal Opitz on June 28 2006, 06:27

Doing a little research on REST I came accross a couple of interesting reads and discovered the lost verb in the HTTP language …

UTF-8: Documents with a lot of character

by Pascal Opitz on June 21 2006, 05:21

Did you ever built a webpage in Homesite and then you didn’t encode the html-entities? Then, probably when the client has a look on it, all the german Umlaut characters look awkward on a mac? And did you figure out why? It’s because of the charsets and the encoding of the characters in the saved file!

CSS is Worthless

by Mike Stenhouse on June 6 2006, 08:22

Almost all of the benefits people normally attribute to CSS are actually down to the underlying (X)HTML. The better your markup, the better sense machines will be able to make of it – that includes both screenreaders and search engine spiders.

Narrative JavaScript

by Pascal Opitz on June 5 2006, 03:56

This is an extension to javascript that will be compiled into javascript afterwards, and helps you to write readable code by introducing the “blocking” operator (notated as ’->’).

IE7 and its problems

by Pascal Opitz on June 1 2006, 09:24

As Mike was busy doing this already on his blog I quickly debugged our site for the public IE7 beta 2 that came out today. Like Mike pointed out correctly, most problems are gone once you updated the clearfix hack for IE7.