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Spam and some other things ...

by Pascal Opitz on August 25 2006, 07:10

Sadly we lately have to deal with unpleasant things. One is the comment spam, that actually is getting worse and worse. But since Mike did write his latest article with a bit of a tabloid title we have to deal with some other things as well …

Netaudio'06: London Netlabel Festival

by Pascal Opitz on August 25 2006, 07:09

CwS supports London’s first netlabel festival with more than 30 artists from all over the world. Netaudio’06 takesplace on the 15th and 16th of September 2006 at Candid Arts Gallery and Electrowerkz, next to Angel tube station, London.

UTF-8 based transformation output in .Net

by Pascal Opitz on August 17 2006, 11:38

Using XSL transformations in .Net I came accross the weird behaviour that my transformations would be UTF-16 encoded even though I specified UTF-8 in the <xsl:output /> tag.


by Mike Stenhouse on August 4 2006, 08:24

TechCrunch launch a jobs board.