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Offtime, moving and some changes

by Pascal Opitz on April 25 2006, 11:41

Ok, some might have noticed that this site was offline for a couple of days. That is because our previous host,, didn’t like the site on a reseller hosting as it was causing a bit of load. So they decided to move it to a slow dedicated server and give us a very short period of time to change to another hosting plan or be switched off, and on top of that they managed to fuck up the site and all of our email during this stunt.

php: array_filter and callback function

by Pascal Opitz on April 20 2006, 09:48

Sometimes array_pop is just not enough. You might have to strip out something from an array that is 2 dimensional or do some more complicated adjustments to the array values. In this case you can use array_filter and a callback function.

AJAX Training from Clearleft

by Mike Stenhouse on April 17 2006, 10:16

Ajax training from Clearleft, DOM scripting, Hijax and Web 2.0 accessibility.


by Pascal Opitz on April 12 2006, 10:05

A quick code snippet to include the right XHTML DTD in your XSL generated output.

Mono sounds Sharp

by Pascal Opitz on April 10 2006, 06:58

If platform specifications change sometimes one has to make the descision if the application needs to be ported or if there is another way. My research about porting .Net applications reveals a surprisingly great range of Open Source tools.

Emergent design

by Mike Stenhouse on April 7 2006, 06:32

Getting things done from emergent design and unit testing. The concepts all fit together quite nicely, once you get into it.

Relaunch: DoNotRemove

by Pascal Opitz on April 3 2006, 11:19

The homepage of Content with Style author Mike Stenhouse, to be found at, just got a huge makeover. We must say it looks stunning. Congratulations Mike!

PHP Unit testing tutorial

by Pascal Opitz on April 3 2006, 05:45

During the research for my upcoming article about comments and code I came accross this interesting tutorial on unit testing. It gives you a quick insight into how test driven design works with SimpleTest and PHP.

Faster website moving with lftp

by Pascal Opitz on April 1 2006, 09:00

Consider lftp to be the better alternative to ftp when it comes to moving your website. Unlike the standard ftp command line client it had the function “mirror” ...