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Playing Nice with the Other CSS Kids

by Mike Stenhouse on October 31 2005, 12:51

Simon Willison recently posted to css-d asking for peoples’ thoughts on writing maintainable CSS and that got me thinking… Over the years I’ve had the priviledge of working on some very large web standards projects in small teams of other CSS/XHTML developers, but I’ve also spent a lot of time building little sites on my own for smaller clients. Maintenance on a small project involves being able to understand your own code when you come back to it months later. On larger projects it means your team mates being able to understand and edit your code as quickly and efficiently as possible at any point in the future. It’s a far more complicated objective.

DOM scripting or how to keep the code clean

by Pascal Opitz on October 27 2005, 04:24

In this tutorial I want to show up the differences between DOM-Scripting and the “traditional” JavaScript technique using event-handlers embedded into the HTML-code.
I’ll show a way to have accessible popups, and by showing how to do those, I’ll explain the propper use of DOM-scripting.