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XML as intermediate application layer

by Pascal Opitz on May 31 2005, 08:37

Why not keeping the application logic just working with XML and benefit from robust toolkits and neat techniques rather than changing HTML-markup in PHP-code?

A CSS Framework

by Mike Stenhouse on May 22 2005, 16:20

If you’ve been creating sites with CSS for a while you may be getting frustrated with having to recreate and retest basic layouts on a regular basis. In this article I’m trying to illustrate a simple way of skipping the tedious startup on your average project, letting you get to the interesting stuff as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Find your node: Advanced XPATH commands

by Pascal Opitz on May 21 2005, 11:49

All that XSLT does is applying code-templates on XML-nodes. In order to do this you need to find the right node. XPATH offers you an advanced toolkit to do that within an XSL-file.

XSL: the other way of styling up content

by Pascal Opitz on May 21 2005, 11:24

Two of the best known acronyms around right now are XML and XSL, often being mentioned as “the way to go” or some abstract technique that stands for a new direction within the whole web.
Rather than dealing with the languages itself in detail I’ll try to give a pragmatic approach and to show basic examples how to transform data into browser-ready HTML.

Modular CSS

by Mike Stenhouse on May 18 2005, 08:47

This isn’t a new idea but looking at people’s code it doesn’t seem to be a particularly widely used practice: modular CSS. That’s a poncy name for the very simple idea of grouping related styles into separate stylesheets. The same set of tasks turn up on project after project and a little careful thought can save hours of foundation work, allowing you to get on with the serious business of turning a flat design into a web page far more quickly.